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Kenyatta Forbes

Kenyatta Forbes is a multi-disciplinary artist who uses her own experiences as a Black woman to open a dialogue about the construction of "blackness." Using humor, gamification, and her experience as an educator, Kenyatta fuses together a safe space for uncomfortable conversation. She cultivates conversation around race and identity in projects both uncomfortable and humorous. Her work, which also includes film, video, performance art, game design, and community projects, aligns with her core values of community as activism. She considers her most recent project, Trading Races; a playing card game for blackness, an invitation for people to join a larger discussion on race and ethnic identity.

Kenyatta considers her card games to be a space to activate community, cultivate authentic conversations, and a safe environment to discuss tough topics with a layer of humor.

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Nia Jones

Hi, I'm Nia.

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Larry is Legend and Terry from Smoked Out Saturdaze.

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William Barney

William “Tony” Barney originally hails from Englewood on the South Side of Chicago. It was here that he originally learned to fabricate stories. After graduating Southern Illinois University with a degree in Theater he embarked on a Los Angeles journey that spanned 5 years. This move proved to be a breakthrough in the entertainment industry with successful opportunities in acting, modeling, singing, featured films, national commercials, and international campaigns.

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Joshua Gadson

IG: @joshfreshgoods


IG: @createbuildlove

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Bradley Murray

Bradley believes the why is more important than the what. highly sensitive from a young age, he carried this demeanor into his work.

Bradley Received his BFA in photo journalism from Columbia College Chicago. Leveraging his vision with various brands has allowed his work to stay authentic and relatable. Continuously breaking barriers Bradley aims to merge cinematic and commercial work into a new frontier of filmmaking.

Bradley’s Work can be best described as conversational. A true student of the photojournalistic style however, his contemporary approach allows room for a timeless and classic touch... something far from a gimmick.

Andrea Hart

The Basics: I live to laugh and try to earn my blessings on the daily. I'm grateful for the resourcefulness and resiliency my upbringing ingrained in me. I try to be more of a creature of compassion and less of consumption. I geek out over public transit and write love letters to the CTA. My eye color changes according to mood and weather. I'm a runner and lover of patterns.

Work Life: I’ve created hyperlocal digital news programs that contextualize learning and build on students’ cultural capital within schools or community spaces in Chicago since 2010. I'm working to create journalism that is truly democratic and empowering as a co-founder and community engagement director of City Bureau. I was a 2016 Voqal Social Entrepreneur Fellow. I also consult in the following areas: civic media research, non-profit development, youth development and educational design.